Here's a little sports trivia: According to Bleacher Report, Peyton Manning almost played football at the University of Michigan. Recently, his dad, Archie Manning, told the story at an event in Lafayette, Louisiana. Seems Peyton wanted to go to his dad's alma mater, Ole Miss, but they were under NCAA probation, so he decided to get out of the SEC and away from the shadow of his dad there. He was considering going to Michigan. We don't really know what scared Peyton away from Ann Arbor, but, of course, Peyton finally chose Tennessee over Michigan. This begs the question, "what would it have been like to have both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady on the same Wolverine team?"

It might not have mattered.

TRUE Wolverine fans will remember, in 1997, Peyton's senior year, Tennessee and Michigan (with Brian Griese at QB) were both in the hunt for the national championship. But Tennessee lost to Nebraska in the Orange Bowl and Michigan beat Washington State in the Rose Bowl. Manning won a bunch of awards, but Charles Woodson won the Heisman Trophy over Manning and Michigan was named the national champion. And Tom Brady didn't start until 1998, after Manning had been drafted into the NFL.


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