Spartan's WILL—soon have better-tasting water. So, I guess that eliminates the need for beer anywhere near campus. Sad. Just like the Pilgrims, who drank beer because they didn't like the taste of the New World's water, Michigan State students have had to survive on cold beer since 1855 due to the bad taste and sometimes weird appearance of the water on campus. According to the Lansing State Journal, the water is completely safe to drink—it's been tested on a regular basis for decades. It's just funky. Iron and manganese in the water cause the funkiness. And apparently someone's mom complained.

Well, no more funkiness. Michigan State is building a water treatment facility that will send water as pure as the tears of unicorns (I may be over-exaggerating) to almost everyone on campus. The treatment plant should be up and running in 2020. The iron and manganese in the system will take about a year to be flushed out of the system. So, if you're an incoming freshman this year, get ready for tasty water in your junior year. Give your mom and your student loan provider a big hug. They'll probably both offer you more cash.

Bonus—because of this facility, MSU will now have a big-ass water tower to remind everyone of home.

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