The former Rock River Elementary School on Kishwaukee Street in Rockford, Illinois gives a fascinating walk thru for those who love abandoned places. Even those who once went to school there have likely never imagined just how scary it is inside now.

My History With Rock River Elementary School

Growing up in Rockford, I was never a student at Rock River, but my mother was a teacher there for 13 years, so I spent several of my childhood days within those walls. My mom's classroom was in the oldest part of the school and I always remember being freezing when I was in there, but I sure did love writing on its old chalkboards.

Honestly, the school was OLD and gave me the creeps when my mom taught there well over 25 years ago, but I never imagined it could ever be as terrifying as this.

Before I show you some photos recently taken inside the former Rock River Elementary School, let me share two of the freaky stories I just read on the ILLINOIS Abandoned Images Facebook group;

Bretagne Blau said;

I went here for part of 2nd to part of 4th grade before it was closed down for good. I actually encountered the ghost of the principal the front desk lady told me about.

Katie Robins Aube said;

 Y’all think these pics are creepy but the basement goes on and on in that place and was creepy when it was open.. theirs s few legit ghost story’s that come with the school it’s self.. their was actually a teacher that committed suicide in the attic at one point.

My mom never mentioned any ghostly encounters or stories while she taught at Rock River, but I'm pretty sure she will have nightmares or cry when I show her these photos posted by William Lee in the ILLINOIS Abandoned Images Facebook Group...viewer discretion is advised. (Someone put naughty words on some of the walls).

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

42 Terrifying Photos Inside the Former Rock River Elementary School in Rockford, Illinois

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