If you've ever dreamed of owning a piece of Michigan property, particularly lakefront property or some land in the Upper Peninsula, this is your chance.

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The state of Michigan will soon be auctioning off some vacant land that it's no longer using, giving folks the chance to purchase some. And there are thousands of acres up for grabs!

Michigan Auctioning Off Land

You might be thinking to yourself, what's the catch? Well, here's the deal...

While there are definitely some winners amongst the thousands of acres and 188 properties, there are some drawbacks as well.

Many of the plots of land are surrounded by private landowners and don't have road access. The state of Michigan may also retain mineral rights on some of the land plots. In some cases, the land may require trekking through brush or boating up a river to access.

However, if you have the money and the means, some of these issues are surmountable. Like buying a nice boat or pontoon would give you quick and easy access to those properties with no land access.

There are some properties that are more picturesque than others, too.

There are just over 36 acres available in Chippewa County that "has frontage on the east side of Garkinghouse Lake". Iosco County has 25 acres up for grabs right off the Au Sable River. There are plenty of other places, too.

Bidding for these properties will take place in August and September, with various parcels being available on specific days. In order to bid on any of these properties, you'll need to register to participate. Get registered HERE. And check out every piece of land that's up for sale HERE.

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