Check your cupboards and refrigerators. There has been a voluntary recall of certain Ragu pasta sauces. The reason? Certain varieties of the sauce might contain plastic fragments.

According to, Mizkan America Incorporated, the Mount Prospect, Illinois producer of the sauces announced what is a voluntary recall of these products due to an "abundance of caution" as there have been no complaints by consumers nor any injuries reported so far.

It is important to note that not all Ragu sauces have been recalled, only certain varieties of the famous pasta sauces. You should check your Ragu against the information provided by Mizkan American and then you may take the following actions. Throw the affected sauce away or call Mizkan America's customer hotline to get a replacement. If you do opt for the replacement, you'll want to hold on to your pasta sauce as the company will want the product to examine the contents.

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