It has been one of the biggest controversies throughout the whole COVD-19 pandemic.

That of course would be the fitness faithful who weren't able to go workout at their gym during the pandemic.

And while some people wanted to go work out, there have been others who worked out faithfully before the Coronavirus who wanted nothing to do with going to a gym whether there was an Executive Order issued by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer or not banning them from doing so. Just like everything else, everyone has a different opinion about what they should or shouldn't do.

And along with everyone who has a different opinion of whether they should work out or not, the opinions of gym owners have run the gamut of whether they should open or not. Some gyms were cool with staying closed, while others were only not cool with not opening, but they even decided to defy the Executive Orders to open, no matter how short of a time they were able to operate before being shut down by the authorities or even being fined.

Now according to News 10, even though Governor Whitmer is now allowing gyms to reopen tomorrow, some Lansing area gyms will still not be doing so. The YMCA and the Michigan Athletic Club ("The MAC") will not be so fast in joining other gyms that will be back in business. The "Y" and "The MAC" are taking their time and phasing their facilities back into operating.

Get the whole story about what's happening tomorrow here from New 10.

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