If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll have a cornucopia of ways to satisfy it when this soda and candy shop moves into town.

According to the Lansing State Journal, California-based store Rocket Fizz will open a location here in Lansing. The soda and candy store kind of has an old-timey feel, offering up literally hundreds and hundreds of sweets and sodas from now and yesteryear. If you want to sip on a classic like Nehi grape (yes, the same soda that Radar used to drink on M*A*S*H), that's available. But there are also wacky flavors among the approximate 500 varieties of soda, like ranch dressing, bacon, and even a "barf soda" - "an orange, pineapple guava" soda. Barf Soda is made by Rocket Fizz and, according to Rocket Fizz president and co-founder Rob Powells, is one of their tastiest. However, I'm a little skeptical that something called "barf" is going to be delicious...

If you want candy, they've got that covered too. They have your standard candy fair from now, but they also have candy that some people may not have seen for years, like "Astro Pops, Bottle Caps, Chuckles, Nik-L-Nips (wax bottles), Slo-Poke, Wacky Wafers and Zots", along with over 100 varieties of salt water taffy.

Rocket Fizz is expected to open this November in Eastwood Towne Center. Read more about Rocket Fizz here.

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