I think someone found the Christmas Pickle and their wish has come true. That or Doritos has a pregnant lady running things now.

My partner Maitlynn LOVES pickles. I make jokes about it all the time. She'll be back Friday and I am sure one of the first things I will ask her is... Have you heard about the new Doritos flavor? Tangy Pickle hit stores in the summer... Now, they are back like the Terminator.

Emerson Tangy Pickle Doritos. Apparently, they are exclusive to Dollar General stores.

I am hit or miss on pickles but love Doritos! It would be funny to put them in bowl just to see who notices. I mean, when we all get back together again.

There are a lot of pickle products out there. You can get pickle bandages... Well, they are bandages that have pictures of pickles on them. Click here to see the pickle peep show.

Are you looking for a thousand dollar pickle? Who isn't, right? Click here to see it!

Pickle Juice Soda, pickle popcorn seasoning, pickle candy canes, dill pickled flavored cotton candy and pickle flavored mints are all real things you can get. Click here to see, I ain't lyin'.


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