Like it or not, Michigan is one of two dozen states where marijuana use is fully legal. It's been that way for a number of years now.

Many other states have either legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes or at least decriminalized it. Some states like Wisconsin, Indiana and others allow CBD oil, but nothing more. There are only four states - Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas and South Carolina - where cannabis is still completely illegal.

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This being said, for those who wish to partake, some U.S. places are better than others for cannabis users.

What Makes a City Cannabis-Friendly?

Lawnstarter recently crunched data for nearly 300 American cities where weed is legal, looking for the "Best Cities to Get Stoned". The survey looked at a variety of factors.

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Cannabis access was considered - the number of dispensaries or cannabis collectives in each city; its number of head shops; and whether home cultivation is allowed.

The Cake House, Lansing
A cannabis dispensary in Lansing, Michigan. Photo via GoogleMaps

The survey looked at how many dispensaries in each city were considered to be highly-rated, and whether delivery services were available.

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Cannabis-friendly accommodations such as Airbnbs or campgrounds were included, as were the number of 420-friendly tours and events in each city.

Users stereotypically get a case of the "munchies" not long after partaking, so the number of late-night fast food joints was also a consideration.

What Are the Most Cannabis-Friendly Cities in Michigan?

When all the calculations were complete, three Michigan cities landed among the Top 100 cities for marijuana users in America - including two in the Top 30!

"Weed" be remiss if we didn't give you the full breakdown of Michigan's best cities for stoners, so here they are.

Michigan's Top Cities for Stoners

Lawnstarter has determined that these 15 Michigan cities are the "best cities for stoners" in the state.

Gallery Credit: JR

High Hospitality: U.S. Cities With the Most 420-Friendly Stays

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow


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