We first told you about this story yesterday morning. Since then, some accident pictures have been posted by the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office regarding the crash that happened on September 9th because someone removed a stop sign from an intersection near New Lathrop.

Below is what we initially posted about the incident and there is also some new information about the injuries sustained in the accident. If you know ANYTHING about this accident, pleascall the number below. You CAN remain anonymous.

The Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help regarding an accident that happened on Sunday, September 9th just west of New Lothrop. According to police, someone removed the stop sign at the intersection of Reed Road and Easton Road. On that Sunday afternoon, a car that was traveling on Reed Road failed to stop at the intersection because the stop sign had been removed and unfortunately, that car collided with another vehicle. Shiawassee Police say that this deliberate action caused a two vehicle crash that injured 3 persons, the most serious being a 14-year-old boy that had to be rushed to the hospital for life-threatening injuries.

Police say that the stop sign was recovered in a ditch several miles away from the intersection where it had been removed. If you have information related to this crime,  please call the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office at (989) 720-TIPS.


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