Canada wanted to clear Michipicoten Island of all it's wolves because they were starving. Across the border and on the other end of Lake Superior, Michigan's Isle Royale needed more wolves to control the moose population. So, according to, over the weekend, the last six wolves from Michipicoten (and one from the mainland) joined the other eight wolves already there and became U.S. citizens and residents of Isle Royale. This means the plan to repopulate Isle Royale with about 30 wolves is about halfway there.

It all worked out due to the fact that Michipicoten Island has no caribou left on that island. According to the Hamilton Spectator, caribou were brought to the island in 1982. By 2013, they had 700 caribou on the island. That's when four wolves wandered over on the ice pack. The pack grew and caribou are slow and tasty, so....Last year the last 15 caribou were airlifted to other islands and the wolves were left without any real food. So, the new Isle Royale wolves haven't had a good meal in a long time. And Isle Royale's moose herd population now numbers 1500.

I don't know how your Monday is going, but those wolves have having a good one.

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