A lot of different aspects go into purchasing a home... how much money you make and/or have saved, the size of the home, and (a big part) where it is that you're purchasing a home.

According to finance website, HowMuch.net, not all states are created equally when talking about housing affordability. HowMuch collected info on "average home prices in every state from Zillow", among other info, to determine how much your income needs to be to afford "the average home". Michigan does pretty well.

Michigan comes in third for states "where you need the lowest salaries to afford the average home". The average home in Michigan costs about $160,000, and to afford it (with a 4-5% interest rate, a 10% down payment, and not spending anymore than 30% of your gross income) someone would need to have an income of $40,800. West Virginia and Ohio are the two states that beat out Michigan on the affordability list.

If you're thinking about moving to Hawaii, Washington D.C., California, Massachusetts, or Colorado, keep in mind that those are the "top five places where you need the highest salaries to afford the average home." The average homes in those states cost between $415,000 and $610,000. Click here to see where the rest of the states stack up.

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