If you'd like to own a stunning piece of Lansing history, now is your chance.

Unique Westside Lansing Home For Sale

Of course, you need to be ready to move and pony up about $350,000, because the piece of history for sale is a stunningly built home.

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Let me tell you about this gorgeous home for sale at 405 S Jenison Avenue in Lansing. When I said earlier that this is a piece of Lansing history, I meant it. This home was built back in 1928, making it nearly 100 years old.

See Inside Lansing Home For Sale That is Almost a Century Old

Many of the original features of this home have been preserved, including features like the original baseboards, plaster cove moldings, leaded glass windows, and punchy-purple bathroom tiles. I absolutely adore bathrooms that are all one fun color, like this one is.

HBB Realtors RE/MAX RE Professionals Okemos via Zillow
HBB Realtors RE/MAX RE Professionals Okemos via Zillow

The original features aren't the only things that make this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house unique. The kitchen has been completely upgraded, with heated floors, which would be the absolute best on cold winter mornings in Michigan.

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After you take a tour through the inside of this beautifully maintained home, venture out to the backyard, where even more surprises await! You'll find a meticulously manicured backyard, complete with a koi pond and a hot tub!

Whether you're interested in buying or just window-shopping, take a look through the pictures below to see this stunning house in all its glory.

See Inside Nearly 100 Year-Old-House For Sale in Lansing

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

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