It's summer in Michigan. Is your tank ready for the picnic?

It's finally warm and dry and you're craving some sweet, delicious fruit. But everybody has their own way of cutting it up. Take the watermelon - the "king of fruit". Do you slice it into giant half moons or triangles, cube it or make it into "sticks"?

Or, do you just cut it in half with the 125mm gun attached to your Russian T-80 battle tank? Because that's a thing, thanks to an article in Popular Mechanics, where we learn that cutting fruit and balancing booze is how you sell massive weapons to blood-thirsty third-world countries.

Recently, the Russians took a break from influencing U.S. elections (newsflash - they've been trying for decades - and we've done our fair share of that over the years, too), to cut fruit, with a machete attached to the gun barrel of a T-80 battle tank. This all really happened at the Russian Army's 2019 arms show.

Here's the story. And THIS is what happens when people get excited about auditioning for "Russia's Got Talent":



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