Ruth's Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor came up with a pretty cool promotion for the University of Michigan vs. Rutgers game this past Saturday.

According to USA Today, starting Sunday after the game and going to this Thursday, Ruth's Chris Steak House would give a "one percent discount for every one point Michigan beat Rutgers by." So if the final score was 28 - 7 U of M, you'd get 21% off your meal. Well, I don't think Ruth's Chris Steak House planned for this...

So, we get 78% off, right?!? That may have been the case if it wasn't for a clarification made by the steak house. In a Facebook post that Ruth's did about the promotion, they made sure to make the cap the discount at 50% off. I wonder if they have any more reservations available for this week...? Read more about the story HERE.

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