If you live in, or travel through Haslett every day, or happen to be doing so tomorrow, you are going to want  to be aware of an area or two to avoid due to road construction.

According to WILX-TV, there is repaving going on at the intersection of Haslett Road and Okemos Road that began on Thursday. For those of you who are like someone I know (okay, me) who doesn't hold on to, or recognize North, South, East or West as directions or pay attention to street signs, you'll find this information handy:

They're fixing the roads close to the Mobil and the Fire Station in Haslett. See, now I know exactly where this is happening.

I hope you do too.

Another traffic note here is that there will also be work happening on Okemos Road that will extend from Central Park Drive to Lake Lansing Road.

Remember...repaving...that's a good thing.

Get more info here from the WILX-TV website.

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