Could there be wild armadillos in Michigan?

If you do any traveling in the southern U.S., you've seen plenty of roadkill armadillos. They don't do well in cold weather, but I've seen dead armadillos on the road in Missouri and it gets plenty cold there - it just doesn't stay cold like it does up here. According to, a website devoted to connecting state and local government leaders, states are monitoring the northward expansion of armadillos. According to them, confirmed armadillos have been sighted as far north as Wisconsin. The Michigan DNR has confirmed three dead armadillos in western Michigan in the last few years, but they seem to think these were "road kill" from another state.

Armadillos dig up yards and gardens and carry the bacterium associated with human leprosy, but it's still up for debate as to how much contact you would have to have with armadillos to contract the disease.

With all the time our listeners spend outdoors - I want to know if you've seen any this year, dead or alive.

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