According to, for the 9th year, Saturday Slip 'N Slide will take place this Saturday, June 15th. It'll happen at Rosewood Park in Jenison, which is just a few miles west of Grand Rapids.

This Slip 'N Slide dwarfs anything you had in your backyard. This Slip 'N Slide has four slides, each 150 feet long and positioned on a hillside. The slide will be open from 12 noon to 5PM and will happen rain or shine, for this one day only. Weather should be good on Saturday (but Slip 'N Slide was always good - even in the rain)

It only costs $1 for a wristband that lets you go on the Slip 'N Slide and other activities like bounce houses and dunk tanks. This is a fundraiser with all the proceeds going to Love Inc., which helps local churches help local people.

And yes, you have to sign a waiver if you're going on the Slip 'N Slide. And if you're under 18, you'll need a parent or guardian to sign for you. But it seems like everything fun requires waivers these days, so....

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