Are you looking for a reason to go through your friends list and unfriend some folks you no longer speak to? Or maybe you have some people in your life you don't see eye to eye with. Well, todays the day to do it and you have all the more reason to because it's National Unfriend Day. It's also National Take a Hike Day, how fitting is that? You can always tell them to go take a hike or go for an actual hike yourself and blow off some steam and celebrate.

National Unfriend Day started 10 years ago today because of Jimmy Fallon. We all know social media can be overwhelming. It's been even more overwhelming this year because of the pandemic and because of the election. So, if you're ready to unpack some of the people who no longer serve you on social media, now's your time to shine.

Why not go for a hike somewhere in the Lansing area afterwards? It's also National Take a Hike Day! It may be a little bit chilly out today, but exercise is a great way to clear your head. So bundle up and get out there! One of my favorite places to hike is Lake Lansing North Park. According to National Today, the holiday started in 1819 when one of the very first hiking trails in New Hampshire was created.

If you could create your own National holiday, what would it be? Download the app and send us a message!

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