How would you like to Airbnb in Hell for a day and become the Mayor? No, I'm not talking about going down under and ruling actual Hell. I'm talking about Hell, Michigan!

John Colone is the proud owner of this Airbnb and refers to himself as the "self-proclaimed mayor of Hell, Michigan." When you think of staying in Hell, you probably imagine some of the creepiest/scariest beings lurking around the corner waiting for you to fall asleep. But in this hell, you don't have to sleep with one eye open because it's one of the cutest and coziest looking Airbnbs I've ever seen. After you pass through the "Gates of Hell," there's a pumpkin-lit pathway to the front door of the one bedroom house and a fire pit area to hangout at!

And since we're not talking about real Hell, you are allowed to leave and explore. Hungry? Head to Hell Hole Diner or the Hell Saloon and grab a bite to eat. What's Hell without a little romance? If you're visiting with your significant other, you can lock the relationship away in the depths of hell at the Locks of Love Bridge. They have their own Reverend who can officiate your marriage!

Real Hell might not have rules, but this Hell does! So don't forget to check out the list of rules before booking!

Bookings kick off in about two weeks and for a pretty reasonable price of $31 a night!

And remember, it is Michigan and we all know how Michigan weather can be! Don't forget to pack some warm clothes because this Hell might get a little chilly!

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