Pumpkin growers in California met on Monday to try and break the world record of 2,323 pounds for the world's biggest pumpkin. That record is currently held by a Swiss grower during a competition that was held last year in Germany. Sadly, no pumpkin could patch--I mean match or beat the record. (Ha! Pumpkin humor!)

Anyway, the winning pumpkin weighed in at 1,969 pounds and took the title for plumpest pumpkin at the annual San Francisco Bay Area contest. The winning grower, Steve Daletas of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, won $12,000 for his giant pumpkin.

By the way, there's been a lot of big pumpkins grown right here in Michigan! The Michigan Giant Pumpkin Growers Facebook page has many pictures of giant gourds grown throughout the state. Check out the photos here.

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