One thing I have learned about exercising is if you don't enjoy your workout routine, you're not going to continue doing it.  One of the things I enjoy doing is an hour power walk listening to my music. Also like doing an elliptical workout, once again listening to music. I have never big runner, but I do enjoy those walks.

I have to be honest, I go through periods where I do not want to work out at all. So if you do as well, think about this. A 28-year-old pregnant gal one week before her due date ran a mile in 6 minutes according to And to be exact, it was 5 minutes 25 seconds. I could not do it in 30 minutes. Wow. Her husband even recorded it on Tiktok. He even jokingly bet her a hundred bucks that she could not do it.

So fun, good for her.  Here is the YouTube video that her husband shot.

This is really gonna inspire me to get to the gym a lot more. As a matter of fact, it's pretty cool now that I live in downtown Lansing because I now get to walk the downtown area and see the sights like The Michigan State Capital, The Michigan History Center, Adado Riverfront Park and all the great things Lansing has to offer.

Please share your favorite workouts. Is there one you love to do that you never get tired of?

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