While we might have some power outages here in Mid-Michigan because of the ice storm, you might be surprised to find out that storms are not the most FREQUENT cause of power outages. Yes, storms cause more widespread and longer power outages, but the most frequent cause of power outages nationwide is...squirrels.

They're so cute when they munching away at your bird feeder, and then they climb that telephone pole in front of your house, make their way to that transformer and - zzzzZAP! (Pretty impressive when one of those things go - my brother and I watched one in front of our house on our farm burn for a few minutes, before we decided to call the fire department, when we were little kids) According to the Miami Herald, power companies even have a "squirrel index" that tracks "squirrel outages" nationwide.

So, if you really want to help America - shoot a squirrel (while obeying all DNR laws, of course)

Besides, they taste pretty good.


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