In just a few hours, trick-or-treaters of all kind will be making their way to your door to fill their bags (or in my trick-or-treating days, a pillow case) with candy! I love getting to pass out candy and see all the kiddos in their cool costumes. But, I've also seen children trick-or-treating without a costume. Which made me think of a question...

How do you feel about trick-or-treaters not in costume?

I asked this question on my Facebook page, and people's answers fell into one of three categories: 1) No costume, no candy  2) I have them do something like tell a joke or answer a riddle  3) No costume, no problem, you still get candy!

IMO, If a child or teen comes to my door trick-or-treating, they're getting candy. I don't care if they have a costume or not. The main reason being that I don't know why they don't have a costume on. They could have sensory issues, or maybe their parents weren't able to afford/weren't able to make something for their child to wear. I don't presume to know anyone's life.

So that's how I feel, let me know how you feel in the poll below!

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