Police in Grand Haven are asking for the public's help in returning any of the spilled money that they may have found last week on or around US31 and Coho Drive. It all started last Thursday night when a cardboard box containing approximately $30,000 fell off the bumper of a truck on north bound US31. Officials with the Grand Haven Police Department said that a man reported that he inadvertently left the box of cash on the bumper of his truck. The box fell off his bumper while he was driving and the cash spilled out all over the road.

Police say that after the cash flew out on the road, motorists were stopping to pick it up and a this point it appears that a lot of people have decided to keep their newly-found cash because officials say that only a couple of thousand dollars has been returned. Here's what happened over the weekend with the money, according to the Grand Haven Police Department Facebook page and the original post about the spilled money, too.

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