Dollybrook Family Resort, near Fennville and Saugatuck, Michigan, is for sale. Yes, it costs a shade under $6 million, but you get 40 acres, a main house, nine cabins, an Olympic sized pool, a fitness center and a cat house. More on that later.

The name Dollybrook came from a time when the resort was really a turkey farm and the owners wife was named Dolly. According to, the main house is 4,300-square-feet and has six-bedrooms, four-bathrooms and a gourmet kitchen. And it's pink - inside and out. And so are some of the cabins. The realtor says "the estate reflects the personality of Dolly Parton" They offered to sell it to Dolly Parton, but her people said, "no". (My guess is, initially, they probably said, "I beg your pardon - WHAT?" And then said, "no")

And the cat house. The present owners love cats but don't want them inside (can't imagine why not) so, they built the cats their own climate controlled house.

So, for less than $6 million, you could buy this and next summer invite everybody out to see your pink, Dolly Parton-themed cat house.

And that's worth every penny.


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