We recently asked the question, "when everything is back open in our area, what are the first 3 locally-owned places you plan to visit first?" Of course, lots of people said the hair salon and barber shop and there were lots of people who said the bar, the nail salon and the pet groomer. However, one of the other popular choices was Potter Park Zoo.

So, since Potter Park Zoo is still currently closed, and we aren't sure at this point when it will reopen, we thought we'd try and bring some of the zoo to you. It's actually been a busy few months at Potter Park Zoo as they recently welcomed three elk to the zoo. Back in February 2020, they welcomed twin otters, and of course back on Christmas Eve 2019, they welcomed a new baby rhino to Potter Park Zoo that we now all know as Jaali. Check out the photo gallery below that features pictures of Jaali along with her mom, Doppsee. Plus, you can also see some photos of the new elk that just arrived at Potter Park Zoo. Their names are Emmett, Saige and Belle.

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The Potter Park Zoo Rhino and Elk Photo Gallery


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