I have to tell you that I feel extremely blessed that I am one of the lucky one's who have been able to hang on to their means of employment during the COVID-19 pandemic. I also feel very blessed that I haven't had to take a pay cut, either.

I'm not bragging. Like I said I feel very blessed. You see, radio DJ's are considered "essential employees". Now who would've ever thought that I'd be considered essential for anything? Really. However, broadcasters are considered "essential employees" as we inform the public not only every day as we should, but especially during crisis situations.

My very fortunate situation obviously hasn't been shared by everyone though. I know plenty of people who lost their jobs, were laid off or furloughed because of the Coronavirus and it's effects of the economy and their careers. I also know some people who have had to actually take pay cuts because of COVID-19 but the hopeful silver lining to that cloud is that they have been able to keep their jobs.

The pay cut situation is now coming to the Athletics Department at Michigan State University, where their employees that are under contract will get a cut if they make a hundred grand or more a year, according to News 10.

The pay cuts that will last for a year will begin on September 1st of this year.

This means some of your Michigan State University favorites will end up with a cut in pay. Find out who they are and how the cuts are structured here from News 10.

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