I am huge fan of older black and white movies and the cable channel "Turner Classic Movies." And I especially love old TV sitcoms. Who did not love Leave it to Beaver, Father Know Best, The Dick Van Dyke show, and My Three Sons?  All feel good comedies where all bedroom scenes had to have double beds even for husband and wives.

So was there better parenting back then?  Well it is safe to say that raising a little one in the 1950s is nothing like raising a child today, according to Moms.com. I think it is way more difficult raising kids today. There are many more issues and problems now then there was back then. There is just so much more to life today and many more ways to discipline our kids.

I had 8 brothers and sisters, and we were punished by having to sit in the corner, grounded after school, no TV, or if we were real bad, spankings. Nowadays the things kids fear the most are their cell phones being taken away, or no laptop. Brutal punishments for kids today lol.

Kids are great and I think some good advice I had with my two daughters who are grown now is to be their parent not their friend until they are much older. I never hit my kids; not even a friendly kick in the butt. They could tell by the tone of my voice if I was mad. I taught them manners and let them know it's ok to fail.  Just do the best you can.

What good parenting tips work for you?

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