Do you feel like your pet mimics your personality? You're not imaging things. There's research that shows if you're a very active person, your pet may be more energetic. If you're someone who's a little more pessimistic, your pet may not respond well to training.

I believe it. Everyone that has met my oldest cat says that we have similar personalities. We both talk a lot and tend to be a little high strung.

There's a new study from the University of Pennsylvania that says our personalities might influence their behavior and affect how our pets learn. In the research participants had to provide information about their personality as well as their dog's behavior.

The human portion covered personality traits like whether they were open to new things or saw themselves as introverted or extroverted. Questions for the dogs asked if owners had a hard time training their pet, if they felt their pet was attached to them, and how they reacted to others outside of their inner circle.

Lauren Powell, the lead author of the study says that the dogs reacted differently during behavioral training depending on whether their owner was introverted or extroverted.

"Extroverted owners were more likely to see improvements in dogs' fearful behaviors and introverted owners less so."

Despite the studies results, there are plenty of ways to help you and your pet work together, if you find yourself having trouble.

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