Well, it happened again.

At the Jackson County Fair on Sunday night, I got to go on-stage and help introduce the night's entertainment at the grandstand, legendary comedians Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.

MJ and Kristen from the WITL Wake-Up Show were with me, and we were all excited to have the opportunity to pump up the crowd before the show really got underway.

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One of the things that we like to do is throw out a number of radio station T-shirts into the crowd. WITL T-shirts are probably the item that listeners ask us for the most, and it's always fun to get them out there.

Before going on-stage Sunday night, we tied several WITL T-shirts into knots. We did this so that when we tossed the shirts out into the crowd, they would stay compact and thereby able to travel further out than just the first couple of rows.

That's a great plan as long as an audience is paying attention.

Most of the Larry/Jeff crowd was eagerly paying attention as we tossed out our WITL T-shirts. Leave it to me to single out the woman who wasn't.

I tossed the T-shirt underhand into the crowd and watched helplessly as it sailed toward the side of the head of a woman about 8 rows from the front, who was engaged in conversation with the person to her right. I watched her recoil in surprise as the cotton/polyester missile struck her in the left temple.

My mouth fell agape in shock, and Kristen doubled over with laughter.

See, shortly before we went on-stage, I had told Kristen of another time I had been tasked with throwing T-shirts into a crowd at a county fair. This particular time we had rolled the T-shirts into balls and bound them together with rubber bands. I was able to throw them a lot further that way. Great plan, until Gladys took one to the face about 13 rows back. Like the poor lady Sunday night at the Jackson County Fair, she wasn't hurt, just stunned. But from the stage point-of-view, it's pretty hilarious to watch happen.

Apologies to those who have taken radio station T-shirts upside the head, but a lesson to the kids out there: always pay attention.

Just be glad MJ wasn't able to bring his T-shirt shooter.

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