I know for a fact that we have some WITL listeners who are heavily involved with Onondaga Dragway. And now they need the help of their fellow race fans.

The Onondaga Dragway has been there for a long time. According to WILX-TV, after being shut down for some time, it was revived in 2013, shut down again and re-opened in 2017. It operates on Friday afternoons and all day on Saturday. Not everybody is a fan. And they've had ongoing court battles for YEARS with nearby residents, who want the racetrack shut down because it's (their words) "a nuisance".

You know what's another nuisance? Kids drag racing on back roads. Of course they shouldn't do that, but at least the Dragway gives everyone a place to do it safely.

Now the Onondaga racing community is taking the fight to the State Supreme Court. And lawyers cost money. They have six days left to raise enough money to continue to fight this in court properly. They raised $22,000 with a GoFundMe page in 24 hours, but it'll take more than that. Here is the link for the GoFundMe page.

Here's the link to the Onondaga Dragway Facebook page for more info.

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