Remember Radio Shack? Remember how everybody HAD to go there to get their stereos, headphones, batteries, recorders, microphones, etc.?

“Let's go look at stereos”.
“Service Merchandise?”
“Well then, where?”

That's the way it usually went.

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The first Radio Shack opened in Boston back in 1921, selling ham radios and equipment. As the decades droned on, Radio Shack became the place to go for radios, speakers, mobile phones, electronic toys, a selection of vinyl records, and more goodies.

According to USA Today, “It also sold the first mass-marketed, fully-assembled PC, the TRS-80, for which a young Bill Gates wrote an operating system before going on to found Microsoft”.

Unfortunately, with more & more electronics and computer shops opening, Radio Shack was losing around $200 million per year by 2014. They filed bankruptcy in 2015. Attempting to stay afloat, they ended up filing bankruptcy again in 2017. All but one in Michigan eventually shut down.

You can find Michigan's only remaining Radio Shack in Owosso, downtown at 216 W. Main Street. If you can't make it there, you can get your familiar Radio Shack fix online at



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