If you didn't know, there's a camp in the Lansing area that is designed for individuals with special needs ages 7 and older. It's called the Okemos Special Needs Day Camp and it started earlier this week and will run until Friday, August 9th. Each day of the camp is filled with fun activities like art, cooking, swimming, sports, and even some field trips! Some of the field trips include going to the MSU Dairy Store, bowling at City Limits and going to Potter Park Zoo.

The camp is open each weekday from 8am until 2pm and is held at Okemos High School. Even though the camp started earlier this week, it's not too late to get registered for the camp this summer. Click here to find out more about the Okemos Special Needs Day Camp and to get registered. If you have any questions, you can contact Jamie DeLong at jamie.delong@okemosk12.net or call (517) 706-5454 for more information.



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