In a classic Twitter attack that would make any 8th grader proud, (and I feel like actually apologizing to 8th graders who may be reading this) Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer has gone on the offensive after finding out that Michigan's new "Jordan Brand" apparel is outselling Ohio State gear.

Both schools have Nike uniforms. And relationships with "Nike" brand athletes. Ohio State has a relationship with LeBron James. Michigan has partnered up with Michael Jordan. Guess who's cooler? And selling more gear? Yeah.

So, Coach Meyer made a point to randomly send out a couple of Tweets about how great Ohio State is. Especially when everybody's wearing their LeBron James jackets. Don't take my word for it - here's the article from and one of their writers who covers Ohio State.

Somewhere Sparty is shaking his enormous head and flexing his giant biceps.


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