Clearly this Toledo, OH man is impatient and not too smart...allegedly. 

Please humor me and let me begin this story with 3 simple reasons this guy made the worst decision ever.

#1  When I think of a place that hold lots of cash, a tax service does not come to mind.  They deal with more electronic transfers of funds than anything.

#2  This guy was just there the day before.  Not only did he probably spend an hour or more with one or more person in that office, he gave them his ID and current contact info.  See where I'm going here?

#3  The risk is not worth the reward and you almost always get caught.


OK, now that my rant is out of the way...back to the story.  According to the Toledo Blade,

At about 12:10 p.m. on Wednesday, Mr. Conley walked into Liberty Tax Service at 3006 Monroe St. wearing a red wig and holding a black handgun, police records show. He approached an employee, Matthew Lammon, put the gun to his back, and demanded money.

He forced the employee to the back of the store, where Mr. Lammon gave him a white business envelope with cash inside, records show. Mr. Conley then told the employee to stay in the back of the store while he fled through the front door. Mr. Lammon told police that he knew who Mr. Conley was because he had filed his taxes with Mr. Lammon on Tuesday.

OK...#4 He wore a red wig.  Come on Ohio, stop it.



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