On Monday, I went to Grand Rapids to hang out for the afternoon with my friend Kevin. Kevin and I have known each other for thirty years, and we both share a love of flying. And I may not fly much anymore, but Kevin is a captain for a major airline, so he's used to seeing a wide range of aircraft every day. Monday, Kevin showed me a photo that he himself took, that neither one of us can figure out.

This photo was taken on April 27th, on a cruise he and his wife were on, off the coast of the island of Lipari, in Italy. He was taking a lot of pictures that day and didn't even notice the object that showed up in the photo until he looked at the photo later.

Courtesy of Kevin

What the heck is that? If I blow it up any more, the photo just starts getting real grainy.

If it's the MotherShip, it's several thousand miles from where I told them to pick me up.



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