From the middle of December into January, college football will play 40 bowl games. That's not a typo. (In fact the Associated Press has projected who will be playing in every one of those bowl games. Click here to see their predictions. Good news, IMO, Spartans)

What's 40 bowl games mean? 120 hours of college football? And, of course, this is right around the same time the NFL has their playoff games. That's a lot of time in front of a TV if you're a football fan. A lot of people would say the reason behind all this is the greed of the NCAA or the TV networks.

That's not it.

This is clearly being driven by the National Chicken Council and their need to sell more chicken wings.

Think about it - if EVERYBODY'S team is in a bowl game, there will be more parties. And what do people serve at football parties? Chicken wings. During the Super Bowl, Americans eat about 1.25 BILLION chicken wings. More bowl games = more chicken wings.

So chickens may be dumb, but chicken farmers are not. I don't know how they arranged this, but....nicely played.

Here's some stats about chicken wings. You know - for the game. In January.


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