Covid-19 cases are on the rise in Michigan and the rest of the US. President Trump and his supporters say it is a result of an increase in testing. We are rounding the corner on Covid they say. That tweet arrived on the same day Michigan reported 3,338 new cases, which dwarfs the prior one-day record of 2,015 cases reported on October 16. Health experts say there are several reasons that contradict the President’s comments. The facts show clearly that deaths, hospitalizations, and the testing positivity rate are going up, proving that more cases shows a real increase in Covid-19 transmission.

“Although testing rates continue to increase, testing alone does not account for the rise we are seeing in COVID-19 cases in Michigan,” said Lynn Sutfin, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. "We are experiencing dramatic increases in all regions of the state with more cases among younger Michiganders than we saw in the spring. Outbreaks are occurring in workplaces, schools and universities and due to social gatherings.”

Here are current statistics for Michigan, the average number of daily tests is up 30% in this month compared to September, but the number of new cases is up 87%. Over the past month the percent of positivity has increased from 3.2 % to 4.4%. At the end of September, we had 503 adults hospitalized with Covid-19, yesterday it was 1,479. Hospitalizations are on the rise, as well as deaths.

The idea that the current spike is all about testing is “an absurd notion,” said Joel Strasz, health officer with Bay County Health Department.

Covid-19 is still very much on the move in the state of Michigan. Wearing a mask has been proven repeatedly that it stifles the spread of the virus. Protect yourself, friends, family, and co-workers. Wear a mask in public, social distance and wash your hands often.

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