Monday afternoon I was driving home from Bake N' Cakes, north on Homer Street near Frandor, after picking up my wife's birthday cake. We got up to Saginaw and there, at the corner, was a guy looking for some money.

Now, I'm going to be honest - I always wonder if these people are really "hard up", or if it's just an easy way to make some money. I will say it was awfully cold that day, so there must be an easier way to make money. But this guy had a sign that made me laugh. I was in the wrong lane, so I couldn't get over and hand him some money - but I'll be back, and I'll give him some just because he made me laugh. Because to me, that's worth something.

Here's the photo my daughter took with her phone:

Photo by Brooke Jefferson










Seeya soon, Karate Kid.


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