I go through it every year. I make a few New Years resolutions and have a hard time sticking to them. One of the most famous I am sure is the one where we eat what we want through the holidays and then go on a diet in January. Sound familiar? This year I am being more realistic on setting goals for myself. I am for sure going to eat better and exercise more starting in January.  It's just what I do every year. This time though I am going set realistic goals for myself.

And check this out from cafemom.com on New Years goals that are way better than losing weight.

Here are a few to think about:

  • Take up mediation
  • Rest when it's needed
  • Try a new dish or restaurant
  • Journal a few times a week
  • Set a savings goal
  • Pick a new hobby
  • Read a book a month
  • Adopt an animal in need

Hopefully the pandemic will start to fade away soon. I for one am so excited to get back to the activities I enjoyed before the pandemic. I am also ready to tackle life with a whole new grateful attitude with new goals like those listed above.

How about you? What are your 2021 goals?

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