They grow some big deer in Illinois. And it looks like a guy named Luke Brewster took the new archery World Record non-typical whitetail buck, in November, in Edgar County, Illinois. (BTW - that's where our buddy Brett Eldredge is from)

Photos of this monster have been circulating since Luke took it with his compound bow on November 2nd. According to, Illinois Conservation Police Officer Dan Greuel found  “no indication that it was a fenced deer”.  It takes 60 days of drying before antlers are ready to be officially scored, so Luke didn't waste any time and when they were scored a few days ago - it turns out they scored better than predicted. Luke's buck scored 320-5/8 inches. It's the third biggest set of antlers scored all-time and the biggest buck EVER taken by a hunter. (Number one and two were found dead) So, obviously, it's also the Pope and Young world record for whitetails taken by bow. And yes, another panel of measurers (that's not a word you spell too often) from Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett have to confirm the score - but it's way out in front of the next biggest set of antlers. I don't think that'll be a problem.

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