Could there be more change on the horizon for Lansing?

It looks like there might be some work going into the old Groesbeck Stop Gas Station.

New Plans for the Old Gas Station?

The most recent addition to the Groesbeck Stop gas station is a very large dumpster. By the looks of it, it seems like the building might be getting cleared out. But for what, it's rather unclear.

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One piece of paper taped to the window is a menu for Jose's Cuban Sandwich & Deli Restaurant. Jose's Deli used to occupy part of the gas station space, similar to the one at the corner of Pennsylvania and Kalamazoo in Lansing. Jose's Deli also shares that space with a gas station. However, that paper seems to be pretty old and faded. There is a different, newer-looking piece of paper taped to a different window; a notice that the building is condemned. There's no date on the notice, though. What's even more confusing is that the old gas station is listed as "temporarily closed" on Google.

Photo coustesy of Google Streetview
Photo coustesy of Google Streetview

Does anyone know of any plans with the old Groesbeck Stop gas station? Spill the tea. Let us know by sending us a message with the station app. Check out pictures of what's going on right now in the gallery below.

Does Anyone Know What's Happening With the Old Groesbeck Stop Gas Station in Lansing?

As of November 2021, the Groesbeck Stop Gas Station is listed on Google as "temporarily closed". However, it looks like there may have been plans for a Jose's Deli--a Lansing favorite for Cuban food--to go into the gas station. Does anyone know what's happening with the old gas station? It looks like something may be going on, what with the dumpster in front.

"Back in the day", if you were traveling west on Saginaw, the old Groesbeck Stop was the last stop for gas between the Speedway station near Frandor and the Shell gas station west of Martin Luther King, which is quite the stretch if you're running really low on gas.

At one point, the gas station building was home to Lansing's Sugar Shack, which is now located at 215 N Clippert. But most recently, the building has been a gas station. We would love to know what's going on with the space.


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