Keeping our kids safe is always a priority for all parents. Our job to keep them safe and raise them the best we know how, and teach them right from wrong.  Of course we want them to grow up healthy, and to be kind, as well as help others. When we send them off to school in the morning as parents, we need to know that they are gonna be home safe and sound.

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Well, we are not the only ones that want kids to stay safe in this crazy year. School  bus safety and keeping children safe is also on the minds of Lansing area school districts and parents, this from  New legislation has been signed by the Michigan House of Representatives and is heading to the State Senate to make sure our kids are safe to and from school on the bus. There are 4 bills aiming to make school bus safety the best it can be by restricting who's allowed inside the school bus, and in addition there will be more cameras on stop arms. I like this idea.

The end goal is to make sure parents can feel confident in the model, knowing that their kids will be riding the bus safer," said state rep Mark Huizenga Huizenga, who represents the 74th District and is also a member of the Transportation subcommittee, says he supports the bipartisan plan and says keeping kids safe is always a top priority.

Now keep in mind these proposals  are not enforced by the state, it is up to each school district if they want to add these safety features to their buses. As parents we need to keep up with the school district that our kids are in.

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