East Lansing has been no stranger to restaurants closing over the last couple of years.

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We've seen Wings Over East Lansing shut down, as well as Punk Taco and Cosmos Pizza. On the brighter side of things, we've seen places like Goodfellas Bagels and Aloha Cookin' open up in East Lansing over the last year. And now, we have another addition to the Downtown East Lansing food lineup; fast casual Korean food.

Restaurants in East Lansing

East Lansing is full of fast-casual places to grab a burger or a sandwich or some chicken wings. However, there was a void when it came to more traditional Asian foods, like Korean, particularly when it came to fast food. According to The State News, a former Michigan State University alumnus has come to fill that void with deliciousness.

Min Gyu Kim graduated from MSU with a degree in Supply Chain Management back in 2017. From there he spent some time consulting in Chicago. But when the pandemic hit, he moved back to Michigan to start his own business. Thus, introducing Kimchi Box to the world.

Kimchi Box in East Lansing

Kimchi Box's menu is a Korean fusion menu that was partially created/inspired by Kim's mom and aunts, who he says are great cooks. And the food must be good because before Kim opened up the East Lansing location, he successfully opened six others in places like Troy, Novi, Plymouth, and more.

The menu is filled with traditional Korean food with a twist. Take the Kimchi Fries, for example. A fried food staple topped with kimchi, mozzarella cheese, sour cream, spicy mayo, and onions; a patron favorite (pictured below).

Popcorn chicken is another fan favorite, and the Korean corn dogs sound amazing as well. If you'd like to give Kimchi Box a try, they are located inside the old Espresso Royale location on East Grand River in East Lansing, right next to The Peanut Barrel.

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