You know, in the spirit of honesty, I have to make a medical admission.

I am not a tremendous fan of medical tests.

I'll bet you're thinking..."Wow, really? Who is, genius?"

But what I mean is that while really nobody is that big of a fan of this kind of stuff, a lot of people take it a lot better than yours truly. Especially when it comes to needles. Yep...not a fan...

And that nasal COVID test looks pretty uncomfortable, too. At least from the outside looking in. I have yet to have any kind of COVID-19 test as I haven't had any symptoms. So far. Knock on wood.

Which leads me to land here. I know there has been a ton of information about where you can get a COVID-19 test, but I'm still kind of sketchy on where exactly those places are. At least here in the Lansing area. Some urgent care facilities, right? Maybe at a doctors office, right? And one that stands out specifically is the testing site run by Sparrow at the old Sears Auto Center in Frandor. That location would definitely be a strong possibility if I needed a test as I've been by there quite a few times and have seen all of the cars and I also actually know people who have taken advantage of that testing site. Of course I also know I could Google COVID testing locations and find out but I just talking about places that are top of mind.

Speaking of which, News 10 has a story about some new testing sites opening across the state, including one right here in Lansing. And here's the best part about these locations. The testing is free and it's the saliva testing, which IMHO is much better than that nasal stuff...

Get more info on the new COVID-19 testing sites here from News 10.

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