If you're a fan of NASCAR racing, you've heard it before, "What's the big deal? It's just a bunch of guys turning left all day long. They'd never last on the Formula 1 street courses." Followed up by, "Nobody even drives cars that look like that anymore." NASCAR might be about to answer all of this.

According to Jalopnik, NASCAR is looking at putting on races in the streets of major cities or on temporary tracks built next to major stadiums. That way the racing would come to the fans - not making the fans drive out to rural areas big enough for permanent racetracks. And they want this to happen as soon as 2021. Of course, this means some of the current races would have to "go" to make room for the "city" races.

Not only do they want to change the location of some races, there's talk of a "next generation" racecar that would use a hybrid engine. The plan is for the hybrid cars to make their appearance as early as 2022.

I would miss those throaty V-8s, but I don't think I'm the demo they're shooting for. Things in NASCAR are about to get interesting. Here's the story.

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