HopCat is making a change to one of their signature items.

Lansing State Journal reports that HopCat's CEO, Mark Gray, announced that HopCat would be changing the name of their signature french fries, Crack Fries. Gray says that while the name "was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, drug addiction is not a joke": one of the many reasons for the name change in the first place.

Currently, HopCat is working  to change all their menus and signage at all 17 of their locations for the new name. The new name, which will be unveiled in January, is the only thing that's changing about the unique fries. Their signature recipe for the "beer-batter fries, with salt and pepper among a secret blend of seasonings, is to remain intact."

They hope to have the name-change ready to go "in time for HopCat's anniversary fry-eating contest in January." To read more about the upcoming name change, click here.

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