Last night, my lovely wife and were in the area, so we cruised Grand River Ave. in East Lansing, just to see what was going on during "Welcome Week" at Michigan State. Of course there was a lot of foot traffic on Grand River, the beer pong tables were out at the frat houses and - in the middle of downtown East Lansing, on the sidewalk outside the Student Book Store, a group of masked people stood, holding signs that read, "Truth".


We turned that vehicle around and my wife did a nice job of getting the photo while we were driving past. (She was very excited about how well it turned out, so if you see her today....)

I have some questions and comments. Obviously, it's some sort of protest. I like the "Guy Fawkes" masks. Are you associated with the Anonymous group? (I do think the all black clothing and Guy Fawkes masks says, "we put some thought into our protest") However, I would've liked to have seen some more signage. What are we protesting? I would've pulled over to ask, but then there would've been the whole awkward, "Take off the mask - I can't understand you!". And, "Where'd you get the masks? How much do they cost? Do you get to keep them after the protest?"

It's probably better that I went home and watched "Bachelor in Paradise" and had a beer while you changed the world.

Answers? Let me see 'em in the comments.


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