Well, here we are. After four (or maybe more) years at State, you'll be graduating on the first weekend in May. You'll walk at Breslin and then...what? Hopefully you have a great job lined up so you can start paying off those student loans. If not - I have an almost perfect job for you.

NASA and the European Space Agency are looking for 12 men and 12 women to lay in bed for 60 days. According to the UPI, you'll be helping research the effects of long spaceflights. Flights to Mars will probably take 9 months, so why not take some long naps? Here's the great part - they'll fly you to Cologne, Germany (I'm assuming they'll fly you in) and pay you $19,000 to do this. On the website that explains the study, they actually promote it by saying, "Cooking, washing clothes, shopping, working or studying - that's why you do not have to worry about 89 days." The first phase of this study is already in progress, but they'll need you for the second phase, starting in September.

So, you'll get the summer off, get paid to hang out in bed like it's a two month long Sunday morning, have a nice STEM job on your resume AND at the holidays, when your parents' neighbors ask what you've been up to - you'll take a sip of eggnog and say, "Just doing some contract work for NASA".

Nice, huh?


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